Betrude Care

Established in 1996, Betrude Care is a family-owned Kenyan company which focuses on all residential and office cleaning needs. At Betrude Care, we also have strong commitment and focus on environmental conservation, management and landscaping. This makes Betrude Care unique from the classic cleaning services providers that we know, as we care about environmental management and are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs #6) of sanitation, clean environment, and energy. We are working towards not only achieving a profit but making our main goal the improvement of the overall environment that we live in, so as to ensure that there is proper management of waste through advising clients on energy use, disposal of all types of waste, and thus, providing much-needed care to our world. Our staff are trained on attaining a clean and healthy living environment, and being mindful of the overall environment while at the same time delivering client satisfaction in the friendliest manner.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to achieve a cleaner world, because we care and together, we can achieve it. To achieve a clean and healthier environment which will significantly contribute to the reduction and elimination of many of the diseases which are caused due to environmental pollution.

Betrude Care Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

At Betrude Care, we value the youth and believe that they can contribute to a lot of positive and important things in order to achieve a peaceful, cleaner and healthy world where all human beings live together in peace. In order to achieve these goals, we at Betrude Care train the youth and build their capacities on the importance of cleaning their neighborhoods, and being aware and mindful of the environment and the things that might contribute to an unhealthy environment. Furthermore, we offer free cleaning services to public parks as well as public schools.  Our social responsibility does not end here, because we also provide jobs/work to the unemployed as well as internships to those studying.